A special treat the whole family will love

Simple to make right at home

Steam Pots

Here's how it works.

Purchase our base steampot for just 39.95. It includes corn, red potatoes and andoville sausage. Choose from one of our four standard feasts and/or add whatever you'd like from our fresh fish selection and you're ready to go. The total price depends on what and how much you select for your Steam Pot.

Our staff is always available to help you decide on your ingredients and quantities based on what you and your fellow feasters love.

Our Premium Steam Pots serve anywhere from 2 - 8 adults. Have fun and enjoy.

Cooking is a snap.


1. Refrigerate pot until ready to cook

2. Open your pot, remove bagged seafood and place in refrigerator

3. Pour in two cups of water or your favorite beer (2 1/2 cups for electric coil cook-tops)

4. Replace lid but not too tight

5. Place your pot on your largest burner

• Gas Burner: Cook on medium - high for 30 minutes

• Glass Cook-Top: Cook on high for 30 minutes

• Electric Coil Cook-Top: Cook on medium for 35 minutes

6. Remove shrimp/scallops from packaging, carefully remove lid and add the seafood.

Add additional seasoning.

7. Replace lid but not too tight

8. Steam for additional 7 - 9 minutes. (If shrimp are not all pink, stir and steam

for additional 2 - 4 minutes

9. Put blue crab, crab pieces & crayfish in during last minute

10. Carefully remove pot from heat and carefully remove lid

11. Drain

12. Serve on your favorite platter or spread out some paper, empty on table or platter,

gather 'round and enjoy!

Useful Tips

• Never leave your pot cooking on the stove unattended

• Use the pot for all your shells and easy cleanup

• Use aluminum foil under brown paper to protect table

• If you have clams in your bucket, they are hiding on the bottom

Prices subject to market fluctuations. Some items may not be available. Best to call in advance for selection.